Work Wear Safety: A Case Study for Crafting Industry Authority

Work Wear Safety transformation: how a custom web system boosted online presence and sales efforts. See the innovation behind boosting traffic, leads, and credibility in the safety shoe industry.
Jessica Daniels

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Work Wear Safety, a B2B company specializing in safety shoes and personal protective equipment (PPE), offers its products through voucher programs serviced by onsite shoemobiles or retail locations.

Despite their expertise and unique business model, their online presence was not effectively communicating their industry knowledge or establishing the needed credibility.

Furthermore, their digital strategy lacked a robust system for driving leads to conversion-optimized website pages and lacked the insights to understand and measure the effectiveness of their online strategies.



The primary challenge for Work Wear Safety was establishing a strong online presence that communicated their expertise in the safety shoe industry and built credibility with potential clients.

They needed a way to effectively attract online traffic, convert visitors into leads, and provide their sales team with tools to showcase their industry knowledge.

Furthermore, the absence of a system to track the effectiveness of their online efforts hindered their ability to make informed decisions and improvements.

Our solution

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive custom web system for Work Wear Safety, featuring several key components:

  • Content Sharing Platform: A custom platform equipped with SEO-optimized content and easy-to-activate call-to-action sections. This allowed Work Wear Safety to share industry knowledge, boosting web traffic, and provided the sales team with valuable content to engage prospects, driving traffic to targeted landing pages to increase trust and leads.
  • Store Location Pages: Part of a 5-touchpoint sales prospecting strategy, these pages included store details, unique value propositions, and customer reviews. They made a positive first impression on prospects, with insights on traffic for each location to measure effectiveness.
  • Custom Landing Pages: Beyond the optimized homepage, we created landing pages highlighting their corporate shoe programs and lead generation forms, making it easier for interested customers to engage with Work Wear Safety’s offerings, including booking shoemobiles or demos.
  • Custom Promotion Landing Pages: To leverage in-store promotions, we designed pages accessible via QR codes at checkout, encouraging customers to participate in promotions and leave reviews, thus enhancing web traffic and providing valuable insights.
  • User QRDs: Sales team members received personalized link-style landing pages, making business cards a powerful tool for directing prospects to relevant resources and simplifying contact information sharing. This approach not only boosted web traffic but also offered insights into sales performance.
  • Micro-sites: Targeted e-commerce sites, like the skate-style work shoes site, explored new revenue streams and served as lead generators by promoting B2C products that could interest entire organizations, exemplified by generating a lead from Tesla.


The custom web system significantly enhanced Work Wear Safety’s online presence, effectively showcasing their industry expertise and credibility.

The diverse components worked together to increase web traffic, generate leads, and provide valuable insights into both customer engagement and the effectiveness of sales strategies.

The content sharing platform and custom landing pages successfully attracted and converted leads, while the store location pages and promotions deepened customer engagement.

The personalized sales team landing pages and micro-sites opened new avenues for lead generation and revenue growth, demonstrating the power of a well-rounded digital strategy in establishing industry leadership and driving business success.